03 . 24 . 2021

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 ⭐

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6

Games that receive this star have a score of 95% or above. This is purely from a game design perspective and is not in any way related to our morality evaluation.

Note: Fortnite is continually updated, often on a weekly basis. Because of this, Catholic Game Reviews tries to release a new review every in-game season. Each review will be based on the start of each season, but since new content is added throughout you may encounter things not mentioned in this review. I only cover the much more popular Battle Royale game mode, but I have played a lot of the Save The World mode and can say most morality notices are pretty similar across the two. I do not cover Fortnite creative mode.

A chill breeze blows through the woods, over the mountains, and into a wide open field filled with… chickens? And Wolves? 

Yes, the island has now turned primal, overgrown with unfamiliar flora and animals which prowl the lands. It’s a new take on the stone age, with makeshift weapons and never-before seen crafting materials lying around unusual villages. In the center of it all lies a huge spiral tower, atop which sits The Foundation, a being which presumably escaped the loop, encased in a rocky formation around the only way off the island.

The zero point is contained.. for now.

Welcome to Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6. 

The crafting menu is incredibly fluid and intuitive.

Epic Games has been making some big changes to Fortnite in the last few seasons, and for good reason. A noticeable amount of big Twitch streamers and YoutTube content creators have grown distasteful of the game, with the blame on the lack of things to do in the “mid-game” of a typical Fortnite match. What they mean by this is that while the first and last minutes of a game are usually filled with chaos and fighting, there is a chunk in the middle of every match where you don’t see many opponents and usually don’t find any good loot. The developers have been trying to combat this by introducing things like purchasable “exotic” weapons that can be bought with the gold you find, “bounties” which give you the general location of a player to hunt down, and now in Season 6, a crafting system.

Crafting is essentially a weapon upgrade of sorts, but now you aren’t changing just the rarity of the gun – but also the type. Nearly all of the loot you will find on the floor and in chests only consists of “makeshift” weapons, which are essentially weak versions of every weapon that are meant to be upgraded to either their mechanical or primal counterparts. Mechanical weapons, crafted with mechanical parts found from destroying vehicles, tend to be much more accurate and hit harder, but primal guns (crafted with bones dropped by wildlife you kill) carry more ammo and shoot faster rounds. While this type of decision-making between loadouts and play styles isn’t something new to the game, the primal weapons do all have noticeably different stats than any guns we’ve seen in the game before, and feel really unique. Where crafting really shines the most, however, is through bows.

Unlike guns, crafting different bows results in them gaining different abilities altogether. While the makeshift bow simply shoots regular arrows that deal miniscule amounts of damage, it can be upgraded to a bow that shoots explosives, shockwaves, stink bombs and more. These are incredibly fun to make and really have a huge impact on the gameplay. Most of them are quite powerful as well, so I’d recommend giving them a shot.

For those that are wondering what the best loadout is this season, my recommendation (excluding exotics that you can only sometimes buy) is: 

1st slot: Primal rifle (All rarities)

2nd slot: Both the primal shotgun and pump shotgun work pretty well, but primal is the probably best for lower rarities while pump is better in the epic and legendary rarities. The Mythic Primal shotgun (of which there is only one in each match) is the best of all, obviously. 

3rd slot: Mechanical shockwave Bow (or mechanical explosive if you can’t find or craft one)

4th/5th slots: Pretty much whatever healing items you can get your hands on, with one for shields and the other for regular health. The meat that animals drop actually heal you for a good amount of health, and quickly. 

Next, there is the latest Battle Pass. Following last season’s trend, it is mixed with original characters with crossover skins, this time Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Raven from DC comics. Thankfully, Croft is not nearly as objectified like she was in her early games. She comes with 3 styles: Her modern look in a gray shirt, her 25th anniversary look (modern but with a green shirt) and the retro style, which is closer to her old look. The original characters are all neat, and my favorite is Agent Jonesy, who brought the island to its current state. Overall, the battle pass is just about as good as it’s always been. Still a very good deal for those that play the game actively, as you will earn all of your V-Bucks back and more if you play through the whole thing.

Ironically, the last thing we have to discuss is the event that you get to play when you log on to Season 6 for the first time. It’s.. fine I suppose. It’s not as great as previous events have been in my opinion, and not because it’s a single player experience but rather because it wasn’t super interesting and felt more like I was watching the steps play out rather than being the one who did so. I still enjoyed it, of course. And although there are a few hints as to what happens in the beginning of this review, I won’t dive deeper into it to avoid any more spoilers.

In short, Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 is another wonderful expansion on the Fortnite Universe, and is definitely worth checking out. I hope the team at Epic continues to amaze me for a long time to come. 


Story: 4/5

Graphics: 5/5

Controls: 5/5

Gameplay: 5/5

Replayability: 5/5

Morality/Parental Warnings

Language: Completely clean aside from select concerts/events, and there is voice/text chat in some places. These can be turned off, however.

Sex/Nudity: Many of the female skins have revealing clothing, and select male skins don’t have a shirt. A few emotes have somewhat sexual themes through dancing and/or lyrics.

Occult: Some skins themed after demons/the devil, wizards & witches, and few Marvel skins are referred to as gods.

Violence: Guns are realistic, but no blood/grotesque sounds present at all. Animals drop meat and bones, but they are very cartoony.

Consumerism: Many expensive micro transactions.

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