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Who runs Catholic Game Reviews?

Catholic Game Reviews is run by Catholics striving to enjoy the entertainment of gaming and critique and appreciate it from a faithfully Catholic perspective. We run this site as a labor of love. Catoons is the owner and kkairos is the main developer.

Is [Game Title] sinful to play?

Because Catholics of goodwill so often disagree on where all the lines are in consuming media, we will normally stay away from declaring that playing a certain game or series of games is automatically sinful.

What kinds of Catholic Things do you emphasize in reviews?

We write reviews with the intent to inform and assist other Catholics in discerning whether playing a given title will be healthy and prudent for their spiritual journey.

As such, we will highlight both things that are morally problematic (sexual content, glorification of violence or graphic violence, etc.) as well as elements that celebrate beauty and virtue. To say nothing of a game’s design and aesthetics, which are its own virtue and excellence as a game.

Do note that while we point out many things of concern to parents, we might not quite cover everything that could be impactful to a particularly young child (such as potty language) seeing as several of our writers do not have any children and lack that parental insight.

But seriously: is [Game Title] Sinful to Play?

If after reading our reviews you still have serious questions about whether you should play a title, we may recommend asking a trusted spiritual guide (such as your Parish Priest) about your concerns.

Will you only be reviewing games?

While we’ll focus primarily on game reviews, we will also provide some news and other analyses and critiques of gaming media.

Can I submit to Catholic Game Reviews?

We consider submissions of reviews and other commentary written by any practicing Catholic in adherence to the doctrines and values of the Church. If you have not written for us before, we recommend pitching a review to our site. Information is down below.

Does this Site Use Cookies?

Yes. You might see a notice when you come to the site about this, and you can check our privacy policy for more information.

Contacting the Team

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Please note that we are not a large enough website to be able to pay reviewers at this time.

A member of our team will respond to you shortly unless you specifically request otherwise!