Name: Alden

Confirmation Saint: St. Nicholas

Favorite Game: Fortnite

Short Bio: Catoons is the founder of He began playing video games in the 7th generation of consoles, most notably on the DS and Wii. He continued his journey in years of pain stuck only with a Wii U while all the cool kids had Xboxes and Playstations.

These days however, he laughs at the peasants buying the next-gen Xbox and Playstation through his two monitors securely connected to his gaming PC. Since his PC is filled to the brim with dangerous uncontrollable energy, he decides to take his Nintendo Switch with himself on the go. (Also because it has really good exclusives.)

He hopes to be a source of evangelization for the Church in the modern world especially among the younger generation, by being a positive presence in the gaming community. Along with running this site, he plays video games competitively on and publishes videos on

His top competitive gaming accomplishments:

-Reached Master League in Overwatch (2017)
-Accepted into and participated in the Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series qualifiers (2020)
-Member of top 300 US Christian club "Christ" in Brawl Stars

Last but not least, he encourages you to pray for the intersession of Blessed Carlo Acutis for the success of this website (and because we could use a Patron Saint of the internet who actually used the internet).