Special Feature

05 . 12 . 2022

CGR on the Mixed Media Podcast


Catholic Game Reviews recently had the pleasure to make an appearance on the Mixed Media Podcast!

Alden (Catoons) and Colin (PeaceRibbon) make a live appearance to discuss our faith and aspirations for the website, along with the evolution of games and whether they have gotten better over time. You can watch it via YouTube below or on a variety of other platforms at https://www.auriela.co/mixed-media-podcast (Episode #51)

About CGR Team

- Comprised of College Students, Clergy, and boring regular adults.

- Overflowing to the brim with bravery, faith, and more strength than your uncle.

The CGR team is a force to be reckoned with. You don't want to mess with these guys & gals - unless, perhaps, you've got a pack of ramen.